About Metropolitan Companies

Founded in 1989, we grew from roots as a high quality forms and commercial printer. Today, Metropolitan Companies wholly owns 4 category-relevant companies, has an ownership or equity position in several others and has fully integrated long-standing strategic partnerships that when leveraged, deliver a comprehensive, vertically integrated answer to any card manufacturing, commercial print or direct mail initiative. Our vast scope of capabilities means you get the best solution, and our volume means you get it at the best price, too.


Every Metropolitan Company facility features the latest technology and time-proven equipment to run our proprietary processes for ensuring the highest quality for every commercial print, direct mail and card-manufacturing project we produce. Processes born out of years of experience, detailed measurements and reporting and rigorous training are all critical, but the most important component in delivering the highest quality product is our people. Every employee is responsible for not just his or her part in the process, but every step that led up to that part. A designated quality member is an integral part of every client’s team to ensure “quality” is not just a word, but also the way we operate.

Here are proof points that illustrate our commitment to quality.

  • We hold regular ‘Lessons Learned’ meetings to share key findings across the organization and with each client.
  • Six Sigma certified employees and ISO aligned facilities
  • Documented disaster recovery plan with annual reviews is standard procedure
  • Full suite of performance reporting – just to name a few:
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Cycle Times
    • Postal Tracking
    • Detailed Process Mapping