One Stop Shop

Client: Top-10 Credit Card Company

Management believed they were juggling too many vendors that had limited capabilities and it was time-consuming and costly. Maintaining so many relationships also brought into question the value received vs. the resources required for vendor management, accounting and assessment.

Over several years of earning trust through consistent and cost-effective delivery of projects, Metropolitan became the largest marketing vendor for this client. We increased client ROI in several areas and suggested other solutions to help control cost or improve efficiencies, eventually expanding our services to include: acquisition direct mail, credit card manufacturing, card fulfillment, collections notifications, commercial print (brochures, inserts, etc), compliance communications, and call center/telecom consulting. We invested the time to solve multiple problems over time for this client and it paid off for both of us.

"We truly value the unique partnership with have with Metropolitan. They understand our business, provide proactive solutions and always deliver bottom-line savings—and we can say that from over 11 years of working with them.”