On-line Ordering & Fulfillment

Client: Large Retailer

A decentralized organizational structure allowed each of this client’s 500 retail locations to operate independently to adjust for unique market conditions but at the steep cost due to inefficient buying practices.

Metropolitan developed and instituted an online ordering and fulfillment solution that supported each retail location’s needs while provide large volume pricing and efficiencies. Required reporting and tracking went to Headquarters without creating a barrier to the retailers, who each realized a “bigger bang for their buck”. As the program rolled out, more products were added and online ordering was expanded to handle needs as diverse as reordering laser printers cartridges, POS and even labels.

“This is a classic case of having Metropolitan account people that understand not only my business category, but the needs of my business, too. They didn’t just sell what they know best, but offered a far more robust and efficient answer. A solution that was implemented quickly and didn’t require us to work with multiple vendors and integrate it ourselves.”