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We challenge anyone to find better end-to-end solution than Metropolitan to manage high quality direct mail programs. From start to finish and all the way through to post-campaign reporting, our talented, experienced professionals will find every ounce of waste and every opportunity to maximize responses so that you can realize improved ROI.

Postal Optimization: Postage is the typically the single largest expense of any direct mail campaign. It takes both large daily production volume and comprehensive lettershop capabilities to realize every USPS discount available. Using proprietary solutions, our postal optimization is second to none. Every mail file is analyzed on the front-end to determine the optimal mail preparation and delivery method.
  • Co-palletization
  • Commingling on site
  • BMC/SCF ride-share freight
  • Alternative standard class delivery options
Return Mail - Our back end solution for Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail is the most comprehensive and technologically advance solution in the industry. Your returned mail is compared against almost a thousand databases to automatically correct the majority of UAA mail with a 99% accuracy rate. For your critical mail programs, we can reduce cycle time and cost and enable you to get your important communications, (like statements and invoices) to your customers in a reasonable timeframe.

Partnering with us means you can be sure every direct mail campaign you execute has the highest quality print production, fulfillment and project management from a dedicated team.
Specific direct mail capabilities include:
  • Complete data processing capability
    • List sourcing
    • Merge, purge, de-dupe, Nth name selects
    • NCOA, CASS…
    • Intelligent Mail Barcode
    • Modeling, analytics and results reporting
  • Laser Lettershop
    • Simplex and duplex high speed lasers
  • Comprehensive suite of bindery, addressing, affixing services
Additional Services
  • Unique, secure postcard notifications that offer a significant savings versus envelope packages
  • Hand-work
  • Bulk and Individual Fulfillment

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We are also capable of helping you with high-quality, legitimate diversity spends. Ask us about our network of strategic partners.

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